[Husband Bitch] Burn them all together!

Tonight, we are receiving gossip from wives all over the country.
It’s both exciting and scary.
But what I can’t stop thinking about is this goofy stuff!

This time, the wife is Nacchan, 21 years old.
The husband is also 21, so they are a young couple.
Because they’re young, I’m sure a lot of events will happen.

Nacchan’s comment in a nutshell was

In a word, Nacchan said, “Let’s all burn together!

It’s heating up.
I’m looking forward to working with you, Nacchan.


Burn them all together!

Burn them all together!

This was around the beginning of May.
I saw my husband talking to a girl from a cabaret club on line.
He used to go out for dinner with his friends.
But he wasn’t having dinner with Tomo Achi, he was out drinking.
There were a lot of girls in his LINE talk, and they seemed to be having fun.
Some of them seemed to be having so much fun that it was hard to believe that they were married men.

I was very surprised when I saw them for the first time.
“Let’s go to the beach in our bathing suits this summer.
“I’m coming to see you for daily healing, so heal me a lot.

It was so creepy that it gave me goosebumps.

I didn’t tell him about it because I saw the line without permission.
My husband doesn’t think I know he’s been in touch with the girl.
He’s trying to hide it from me, but I’m aware of it.
It’s like a child who thinks he’s hiding something, and it’s kind of funny.

She has a child and a family, but…
I play with and take care of my child all day long.

I don’t understand how she can walk around playing with them.
When I think about it, I can’t help but get angry.

And she doesn’t even give me money for living expenses.
I always think that if she has money to spend on cabaret, she should give me money for living expenses.

I also think it’s crazy that she goes out to play when she knows her life is in trouble.
It’s even more scary in this day and age when people are talking about Corona and Corona.

I hope that one day the rags will come out and I will be punished, so I endure every day.
When it does, I’ll have no choice but to divorce her immediately…

I want my husband and I to burn!

Get a grip on your husband!
He’s a typical young man who married young but still wants to have fun.
Even though you have children…
If you’re going to go out and have fun, why don’t you put in enough money to keep your wife out of trouble?
It’s disgusting to spend money that should be going into the family on another woman.

That’s the harshest thing I’ve ever said!
When I thought of the wife’s good health, I couldn’t help but get excited.
But the good part of the playful husband has arrived!
I heard that you had a hard time finding it, but what is it?

If I had to say one good thing about my husband, it would be that he washes the dishes after dinner and cleans up after himself.

I’m glad!
I’m glad you came up with a good point!
It’s a lot of work to cook a meal and wash the dishes.
But, Nacchan’s husband, get a grip. 〜〜〜〜 (shouting)

See you next time!