[Husband Bitch] “I’m getting a divorce at a ripe old age. !!!!!

Good evening, Guchihaz fans all over the country!
Tonight’s wife is Chaya.
Even before the show starts, things are already heating up!

Chaya is 48 years old.
Her husband is 49 years old, one year older than her.
She seems to have a child in elementary school.

So, tonight’s cry from Ms. Chaya is…

“I’m getting a divorce at a ripe old age. !!!!!

She’s already declared her divorce!
I’m afraid of what kind of episodes she’s going to talk about, but…

Thank you for your time, Chaya!


I’m getting a divorce at a ripe old age. !!!!!

Whenever my husband uses something, it diminishes very fast!
No matter what he does, he gets in the way! It’s annoying! It bothers me!

Even when he goes into the bathroom, the sound of the toilet paper being rolled up is too long!
If you go to the bathroom a little too often, one roll won’t last 3 days.
It’s just a couple and their elementary school-aged child.

Even in the bathroom, I use three pushes of shampoo!
Even though I have short hair! Even though I have short hair!

She washes our dishes, but she also uses a lot of detergent!
The detergent is gone in a flash.

He has apnea, back pain, and epilepsy, and is in the hospital.
A department store of diseases?

Thanks to this, my treatment costs ¥170,000 a year.

I’m metabolic syndrome, so I’m making an effort to exercise by myself.
However, I have to prepare a lot of health equipment, but it’s in the living room and it’s getting in the way.
It’s an eyesore for watching TV!

And even when I’m done using them, I leave them out.
What a nuisance!

I feel relieved after exercising, eating sweets and drinking sweet juices…
I’m so stupid, I don’t even know what to say.

He also eat a good dinner.
He eat more than anyone else, but he finish faster than anyone else.
They play games on their phones in front of people who are still eating.
I don’t know who the child is.

When my children and I talk and laugh, they say, “Oh, what , What? When my child and I are talking and laughing, he tries to join in, which is annoying.

When I talk about my workplace, she immediately changes the conversation to her own, saying, “At my place,” and I don’t feel like talking to her anymore.
I don’t want to talk to her. She seems to be doing some kind of managerial work, but it sounds like bragging, so I just ignore it.

This is a perfect pattern for a mature divorce.
This is the type of divorce that women often initiate.
Small complaints pile up and pile up…

And then, “Boom!

But there is something wonderful about such husbands, too.
That is…
“He gives me a present every year on my birthday and Mother’s Day.

There are many men who forget about these events.
I hope you will continue to give him presents in the future.