[Husband’s Complaint] Who in the world has such an insufferable nose?

It’s time for Guchi Guchi Husband!
Today, too, we’re receiving complaints from wives all over the country.

Today, too, we’re receiving complaints from wives all over the country. In a way, it’s probably peaceful that we’re receiving complaints.

I’m sure that if things got really bad, they wouldn’t be able to reach us anymore.

Today’s shout out goes to Lemon Soda.

The sourness of this drink is perfect for the coming season.

Ms. Lemon Soda is 47 years old.
Her husband is 50 years old.

Today’s cry was…

Today’s cry is…
Is there anyone in the world with such an ineffective nose?

I’m curious to know what it means to have an ineffective nose.

Well then, Lemon Soda, I look forward to working with you!


Is there anyone in the world whose nose doesn’t work like this?

This is what happened when we decided to eat out.
It’s always me who decides where to eat.

I want you to decide for me once in a while! That’s why
I left it up to my husband.

When I left it completely up to him, he found a restaurant in a newspaper ad.
He found a hotel restaurant that had curry and rice that looked really good.

I was so happy that she had found it and invited me.
I got all dressed up and went out, but…

We found myself in a dilapidated old business hotel cafeteria.

“Oh, 〜〜〜〜!
I was so excited.

My spirits were already low.
How could he have found such a place?

I know that my husband didn’t mean to do it, but…
He was looking forward to going to the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel.

When he actually went there, he had a look on his face like,
“It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

He was a man of few words.

I felt like an idiot for leaving it to him.
I felt sorry for myself.
And I vowed not to get my hopes up again.


But one day, he told me he saw a sushi restaurant online that he really wanted to go to.
My husband, a convicted felon.

I wanted to go to the usual restaurant, and he wanted to go to the restaurant he had found.
Pushing and shoving

I want to go!” like a spoiled child. and does not concede.
It became troublesome and we decided to go to a sushi restaurant.

In addition, the sushi restaurant is a place where you have to go by car.

We parked the car in a parking lot near the restaurant and moved on.

With a map app in hand, we looked around.
But no matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t find the sushi restaurant.
Sure, we was close to it on the map, but it was too mysterious.

Finally, we found it.
But, but…


We came across an abandoned “former sushi restaurant”.

Last time, it was a hotel that “seemed” to be in ruins.
This time, it was completely ruined.

The husband had to drop his shoulders once again.
As expected, he seemed to have learned his lesson.
Since then, he has come to arrive quietly.

On the contrary, husband, amazing!
Don’t you have a good nose for decay?

You should never go to a restaurant that comes to mind.
In a way, you have a talent.

It’s just that he’s a bad husband.

He’s just unlucky.
What’s so great about your husband is…

“Whenever I want to start something, he always pushes me to do it.

Oh, that’s wonderful!

It’s reassuring to have his support when you’re trying to do something.

No! No!


You can’t do it!

I can’t do it!

I hope the husbands of the world will also give their wives a push.