[Husband complaining] Your own pace, you slug!

Tonight, too.
The complaints about husbands really don’t stop there.

The voices of wives have been arriving from all over the country.

It’s the start of the “Guchihazoo” season, where people get excited about their husbands’ complaints!

This time, I’d like to introduce you to Hana-san, a 32-year-old screamer.
Her husband is two years older than her, at 34!

Apparently, Hana-san’s husband is very fast-paced.

So, what’s your husband like?

Well, thank you very much, Hana-san!


Your own pace, you slug!

Your own pace, you slug!

My husband is a self-paced person.
At best, he’s a calm and collected person.

On the other hand, I’m impatient.
So, many things happen that don’t match with me.

Especially our sense of time doesn’t match at all!
It’s like time and space are distorted. It’s like time and space are distorted.

Whenever I go out, I always have to wait for my husband.

No matter how much I tell him, he is always late getting ready.
I’m not a kindergartener. ・・・・

First of all, I basically wake up at the last minute.
Barely, I’m able to make it to work on time.

I’m basically incapable of pacing myself with others.
It’s a problem.

At work, he seems to be getting by.
When it comes to my personal life, I can’t even look at it.
He is really too loose.

The most difficult time for me so far was when I went to my parents to greet them on my wedding day.
For me, it was a major event in my life.
I thought it would be a big event in my husband’s life, too.

He was unexpectedly late.
I was over an hour late for the appointment.

My parents were naturally very upset.
But my husband was still smiling and calm.

I was out of control, but
But my parents just gave up and laughed.
No, I think they just gave up.

Even then, I lectured them to be punctual.

But I still haven’t gotten over this personality.

As expected, I can’t be late for a wedding.
I didn’t want to be late, so I arrived the day before.
We stayed at a hotel together and headed for the venue.

Even after marriage, my pace was the same.
My pace even after having a child

I thought it would change once we got married or had children.
I thought it would change once we got married or had children, but I was disappointed.

Thanks to her, I have been frustrated with her all the time.

Recently, even my four-year-old son has been getting angry with me.
I am currently pregnant with my second child.

I am currently pregnant with my second child.
I want him to be able to move around and see what’s going on around him soon.

He really, really is a troubled husband.

Did your husband grow up in a tropical country,?

When you’re traveling in Southeast Asia,
it’s like there’s no time at all (laughs).

However, in Japan, which is the country with the strictest start time, it is a fatal wound (tears).

The concept of time itself is crazy,
so the wife has to control it well!

I’m sure there will be more episodes of his crazy behavior in the future, so I’d love to hear his screams again!

Oh, but I heard that there is one good thing about such a fast-paced husband!

That is…

I’ve never been angry with my husband because of his slow pace and calm personality.

It’s easy to live with as a wife.

I’ve never had a husband who was angry with me.

See you next time!